Neophytes Anonymous

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Constellation 12 :: The Hunter

1. Go to the Observatory.

2. Click the "Look Down the Floor of the Hall" button or if it is not there, click the "Go Back the Hall of Heroes" button below the picture. That should allow you an aeriel view.

3. Click one of the spots on the floor. You now see an overlay with three (3) points (half) of the Hunter's constellation.

4. Visit the Archivist then return to the Hall of Heroes and talk to the Janitor.

5. Click the button below the picture to visit the Basement.

6. For the Gears in the Basement you will need three (3) Rocks to jam the Gears properly, so visit the Quarry.

7. Click the Rock on the right side of the Quarry. (Use the tab key if you can't find it with your mouse.) The JubJubs will sell it to you for 50 NP. Go back to the Basement and jam it in any Gear by clicking on it, then revisit the Janitor and Push the Button next to him to view the effect on the ceiling of the Hall of Heroes. Reclaim your Rock from any Gear before you get the others by re-clicking on the same Gear the Rock is in to remove it.

8. To find another, click the Rock near the center of the Quarry (refreshing, reentering, or revisiting related places and/or using the tab key and links below pictures as necessary) then another one toward the bottom-right. Follow through with picking up a rock then throwing it to distract the JubJubs. Click again to reclaim the Rock you just threw. Reclaim any Rock(s) from any Gear(s) before you get the last by re-clicking on the same Gear the Rock is in to remove it.

9. Visit the Herbalism Club and let the Quiggle talk to you about the Circus and teach you how to Juggle by clicking the appriopriate buttons under the pictures. Revisit the Quarry again and talk to each of the JubJubs by clicking on one of them then asking for yet another Rock by using the buttons below the pictures.

10. Go back to the Gears in the Basement. Jam all three (3) Rocks into the proper Gears to allow the ceiling to open in just the right way to find extra dots to click on to reveal the second half of the Hunter constellation overlay. The idea is to move the opening more toward the far right, but if you still can't figure it out feel free to use the Manic Mechanic Wizard. *

11. Once you open the ceiling correctly to reveal the dots, click on a dot to reveal the other half of the constellation overlay then talk to the Archivist. Submit your constellation and Continue on to revisit the Archivist, Janitor and Astronomy Club.

12. Read the last Chapter in the Book of Ages. Click on the fire in the Darkest Faerie's hands.

13. Find a Room in your Archives with a Spell Book by using the following method:

a) Use the exact coordinates of your Sleeper (Darkest Faerie) constellation.
b) Take the SUM of your x-coordinates (Add it as is! If it's negative, subtract).
c) After taking the sum you may safely ignore any negative signs.
d) If the answer is 3 digits or more, take the sum of the digits. If it is 2 digits or less, leave it as is. That is your x-coordinate for the Room that has the Spell Book.
e) Repeat for your y-coordinates.
f) The coordinates help you find the Room quickly: Enter the Archives and click on any Door. Then change the numbers in the arcx=X&arcy=Y part of the URL to where you wish to go.

14. There are thirty one (31) books in the Room. One random book is the Spell Book. (Use the tab key if necessary.) Once you have found it, cast any number of spells you wish to be humored. Then try spell number 29,884. Nothing happens. (Well not just yet anyway.) ;)

15. Visit the Darkest Faerie's statue in the Hall of Heroes and click her to put the Amulet on. Watch the statue explode.

16. You are congratulated for saving the Kingdom of Altador. If you wish, review the Story in the Council Chamber. Revisit the Archivist and the Janitor in the Hall of Heroes sweeping up the Darkest Faerie's statue's Pile of Rubble.

17. The Book of Ages now has an Epilogue. Come back to the Council Chamber for your rewards when prizes are released.

Manic Mechanic Wizard *

If you are panicked about the Gears, get Manic and try this method:

1. Make sure all of your Rocks are out of the Gears in the Basement.

2. Open the Janitor's "Push Button" page in a separate window/tab.

3. The goal is to move the ceiling to the right 15 total notches by placing three Rocks into three different Gears that move the ceiling to the right four, five, and six notches each.

4. There are 10 gears. Four on the top, two in the middle, and four on the bottom. Using only one Rock for now, jam it in Gear 1 then refresh the Push Button page to see what effect it had and make note of whether it moved the ceiling in the proper direction. Take that same Rock out of that gear and use it to jam Gear 2. Refresh the Push Button page and take note again. Continue in this fashion until you find the three proper gears then, of course, jam a Rock into each of them. Should the gears break for any reason and the Janitor have to fix them, the gears will be "reset" and you will have to start over.